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I´m open to new ideas in the development and quality of  our breeding. The current situation within breeding world is that open and honest co-operation is needed between both domestic and foreign breeders in order to tackle the increasing amount of physical and mental illnesses and problems and to increase the diversity in breeding. Without honesty, there is no future.

Every breeder occasionally has  problematic litters. We have had also problems with health. All the known health information regarding Trucker's dogs has been published in breed clubs including the bad news. By publishing only the information of the healthy dogs does not reveal the whole truth of the quality of the breeding and misleads the other breeders and puppy buyers. The health information about Team Trucker´s dogs has been published also on this site. Everything is published as such according to the news received from our dog owners. If you need more detailed information about our dogs health, please don´t hesitate to contact me. I´m always happy to tell the facts about our dogs. We don't keep secrets on health issues!


We want Trucker's puppies to be treated as beloved family members in their future homes. Our puppies cannot be sold to puppy factories, as status symbols or for bad conditions. For these reason we choose the families very carefully. We want to continue hearing news about the puppies in their new homes.

NOTE!! We do not ship puppies alone as a cargo. We use always Finnish Kennel Club's forms when we sell or give dogs to placement homes. All our puppies has a veterinary certificate about their health before they are leaving to their new homes. All the puppies are registered, microchipped and DNA parentage tested. All cirneco puppies have also MyDogDNA pass