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logo2016pieni.pngWELCOME TO TEAM TRUCKER'S

Team Trucker's consists of people with the same kind of attitude, common goals and vision of the future. The team members has a possibility to register puppies under my kennel name when the criteria, that I have set concerning health and quality, are fulfilled. The main idea of the team is to breed dogs that are healthy both mentally and physically, social and according the race standard. Special attention is being paid to maintaining racial diversity in the long term. At this moment we breed poodles and cirneco dell´etnas.

sanna2016.pngWe use the latest health reseach methods to avoid the health problems and all health tests are done before matings, of course! There is no sense to make health tests after the mating has done, because then possible damage has already been done.

It is of utmost importance that all our dogs live normal everyday life as family members and neither they nor their puppies are kept in the cages and separated from people. We are opposed to separate kennel areas, design puppies and puppy factories. For that reason, we won´t sell puppies to unknown condititions. 

If you are planning to use our cirneco males for stud, you need to read page Stud males. There you can find information of our requirements.
image001.pngMy role in this team is to supervise that the criteria are fulfilled and to guide the breeding to the direct I consider best. Thank you for reading this and we hope, that you enjoy your visit to our site.