European Lure Coursing Championship


simoEM17.jpgCirneco dell'etna CZ CH CZ JCH Trucke's Bite The Dust "Simo" has participated in European Lure Coursing Championships representing Czech Republic in the competition.

After first run Simo was holding the 5th place out of 7 cirnechi. In the finals Simo improved his performance and finally his placement was 2nd in this big competition!

Congratulations Simo and owner Jitka Kutiová, we are very proud of you!
12.07.2017Kartanon Kannu 2017
30.06.2017Gällivare IDS
30.06.2017European Lure Coursing Championship
24.06.2017Oulu track racing
18.06.2017Tromsø IDS
17.06.2017Tähtisprintteri 2017
10.06.2017Nyland lure coursing
10.06.2017Jyväs-Coursing 2017
10.06.2017Raisio group show
07.06.2017Helsinki track racing

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