Gällivare IDS

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Cirneco dell'etna Trucker's Absolutely Fabulous "Fiona" and Trucker's Dyna-Mite "Miina" travelled to Gällivare, Sweden. Judge Sonia Kelveri-Philippou from Cyprus really liked Fiona's temperament, but wished for better movements. So today Fiona's placement was 2nd with res-CACIB. 

Fiona's critique:
"3 years old. Strong female but still elegant. Good head and expression. Could have a slightly better placement of the upperarm to the shoulder. Very good topline, very good back angulation. I would prefer to have more typical front movement and more power to back movement. Excellent temperament."

8-month-old Miina was judged in puppy class by Monica Vikner Stafberg from Sweden. Miina was BOB-puppy with beautiful critique. This young girl has got amazing critiques in three different countries while being called promising by three different judges. Now she can wait for the junior age and her first official shows.
Miina's critique:
"Lovely balanced bitch for her young age. Well shaped head, beautiful eyes and well carried ears. Well developed chest. Moves typically for the age. Beautiful to watch."


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