Finnish Poodle Specialty

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White standard poodle Trucker's Zinnia Uproar Rose was representing Team Trucker's at the annual Finnish Poodle Specialty Show. First Freya won the junior class and then she placed 2nd Best Bitch with CAC! Judge was Liane Kubbe from Germany.

freyaerkkari17.jpgPhoto: Elisa Ahokas

"Elegant female with very beautiful expression. Narrow head. Harmonic body proportions. Correctly built body and angulations. Shows herself with big charisma. Correct movements."

20.05.2018Tüttlebenu Germany
13.05.2018Lieto LC
12.05.2018Suomi-CUP 2018
05.05.2018Tampere NORD-show
28.04.2018Lure coursing at Ravijoki
22.04.2018Club Show at Greppin
21.04.2018Siauliai NDS
14.04.2018Vaasa IDS
25.03.2018Lahti IDS
18.03.2018Riga IDS

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