European TR Championship

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European Track Racing Championships 2017 were organized at Alsónémedi, Hungary. Team Finland had three cirneco dell'etnas in the competition, all from Team Trucker's: Trucker's Apple Of My Eye, Trucker's Bad To The Bone and Trucker's Bonfire Heart. There was also 4th Trucker's-cirneco: Trucker's Bite The Dust, which was representing Team Czech Republic.

Preliminary runs were divided into two starts and our boys won them both. Trucker's Bonfire Heart placed 3rd in her start and unfortunately Trucker's Bite The Dust gave up the run after few meters. So Team Finland had all three cirneco dell'etnas running in the finals and what a final it was! Puuppanen took gold and after tough run Nasse took silver! Hertta placed 6th in the finals.

Preliminary run 370m
1. FI - TRUCKER'S APPLE OF MY EYE (Sanna Koponen) 29,49s
2. CZ - AVERNUS NAJJA WAI-WAD (Eva Kolackova) 30,680s
3. CZ - NYNA DI RAGALNA (Jitka Kutiova) 31,870s

Preliminary run 370m
1. FI - TRUCKER'S BAD TO THE BONE (Sanna Koponen) 29,74s
2. RU - SOLLUCERO (Goltzeva) 30,890s
3. FI - TRUCKER'S BONFIRE HEART (Sanna Koponen) 33,33s
4. CZ - TRUCKER'S BITE THE DUST (Jitka Kutiova) gave up

Final run 370m
1. FI - TRUCKER'S APPLE OF MY EYE (Sanna Koponen) 28,96s European Track Racing Champion 2017
2. FI- TRUCKER'S BAD TO THE BONE (Sanna Koponen) 29,99s
3. CZ - AVERNUS NAJJA WAI-WAD (Eva Kolackova) 30,04s
4. RU - SOLLUCERO (Goltzeva) 30,46s
5. CZ - NYNA DI RAGALNA (Jitka Kutiova) 32,09s
6. FI - TRUCKER'S BONFIRE HEART (Sanna Koponen) 32,70s

20.05.2018Tüttlebenu Germany
13.05.2018Lieto LC
12.05.2018Suomi-CUP 2018
05.05.2018Tampere NORD-show
28.04.2018Lure coursing at Ravijoki
22.04.2018Club Show at Greppin
21.04.2018Siauliai NDS
14.04.2018Vaasa IDS
25.03.2018Lahti IDS
18.03.2018Riga IDS

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