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sanna2017.pngABOUT ME

I work daily basis as a system analyst. I have many degrees from information tecnology (Software Expert, Networking Specialist, Visual Communication Designer, Marketing Assistant and The Bachelor of Information Tecnology).

At Finnish Kennel Club I have finished these:

  • Breeder basic course
  • Breeder advanced course
  • Breeding consultant basic course
  • Breeding consultant advanced courses
  • Identification marker (microchip)
  • Ring steward
  • Field tests secretary 1
  • Finnish Kennel Clubs consultant for breeders
  • DNA-sample collector lisence
  • Trial judging basic course
  • Finnish Kennel Clubs regional lecturer
  • SVKL officielt measurer

Not actives

  • Agility trainer (not active)
  • MH (mental description) C-level steward  (not active)
  • MH (mental description) B-level steward  (not active)
  • MH (mental description) A-level steward  (not active)

I have been dog owner since 1984. I got my first poodle in 1991. Kennel Trucker´s was established on 1995 and the first Trucker's litter was born in 1997. First I got apricot dwarf poodles, but quite soon I made the first color mix and got a black dwarf litter. After that I imported red male and I used him to my apricots and get red ones as well. After that I got an offer from my friend to breed other sizes and we made together some standard poodle litters.

I have imported dogs from Belgium, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Belarussia and Italy. Most of these dogs has been used for breeding and you can still find them on many pedigrees. Many times we think, that imported dogs are something that will make every line better. But everything that shines is not gold. More about this you can find on this site under health information. 

At this moment I have Cirneco Dell´Etnas at home and some Poodles in placement homes or I co-own them with Team Trucker´s members. Our team is always looking for new responsible members. In future we are focusing more on Cirneco Dell´Etnas. But it doesn´t mean, that we are going to disappear from poodle world. We still have few bitches we can breed if we find suitable males for them. So this is not the end, but beginning something new beside it.