Cirneco Dell'Etna Puppies

  1. FI RCH LT JCH LV JCH EE JCH BALT JCH Trucker's Every Breath You Take should start her heat on April. She will be mated with C.I.B. C.I.E. FI LCCH FI RCH FI CH EE CH LV CH EE LC CH LT CH BALT CH LT JCH LV JCH EE JCH BALT JCH EEJW-16 EMM-19 Trucker's Bad To The Bone
    Mating 28.8.2021.This litter locates at Naantali, inquiries Sanna Koponen (sanna@teamtruckers.info). 

  2. FI CH FI RCH SE CH EE CH LV CH LT JCH LV JCH EE JCH BALT JCH LTJW-19 LVJW-19 BALTW-19 HeW-19 NORDW-19 Trucker's Eight Miles High. She will be mated with....More about the sire later, but her heat is on!
More about litters you can find from facebook.
Every litter has it's own picture gallery on my profile.

Price for the puppy is 1200 euros, including registration papers, DNA parentage verification, puppys needed accessories, comprehensive puppy guide and breeders 24/7 support. 
All puppies are veterinary checked, dewormed many times, well sosialized and fed with raw food (also the mother is) before they are ready to move to their new families.

We are open to new ideas in the development and quality of  our breeding. The current situation within breeding world is that open and honest co-operation is needed between both domestic and foreign breeders in order to tackle the increasing amount of physical and mental illnesses and problems and to increase the diversity in breeding. Without honesty, there is no future.

Every breeder occasionally has  problematic litters. We have had also problems with health. All the known health information regarding our dogs has been published in breed clubs including the bad news. By publishing only the information of the healthy dogs does not reveal the whole truth of the quality of the breeding and misleads the other breeders and puppy buyers. The health information about our dogs has been published also here. Everything is published as such according to the news received from our dog owners. If you need more detailed information about our dogs health, please don´t hesitate to contact me. I´m always happy to tell the facts about our dogs. We don't keep secrets on health issues!

If you are intrested in using our males for breeding, you need to make some actions before we can make a deal. First of all, you need to make health examinations to your female. All results needs to be on that level that breed club and kennel clubs breeding strategy here in Finland recommends. We are not giving our males for every one, that are asking them. We are not doing breeding for the money. That way we make sure, that our males are used for breeding in reasonable way, not just like matador studs. It's a huge bonus, if your female has results from shows and from running trials. That way it's easy for you to convince us, that your female has something to offer for the whole breed.

More about our breeding dogs you can find on Facebook on picture folders.